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Medieval Boyz

Andy and Chris at the Shakespeare
Andy and Chris at the Shakespeare
Andy and Kate at Abberley Medieval Festival
Andy and Kate at Abberley Medieval Festival

The Medieval Boyz formed in 2010 when Andy Jones put a hand written notice on the notice board at the Tin Angel. This was answered by Chris Evans and the show went on the road with an open mic slot at the Tin Angel and a short set at Union Baptist Church for Unlock The Music. From 2011 Andy and Chris performed at many Coventry venues - Whitefriars, the Nursery Tavern, the Shakespeare, Earlsdon Folk Club, the Jag and St John The Baptist Church to name a few.

Our music lends itself of course to historic venues and it was at an open event at Drapers' Hall in 2014 that we met soprano singer Kate Andrew. Kate and her son Tom Briggs (bass) have sung with the Boyz since then. Our recent performances have included Earlsdon Festival, Abberley Medieval Festival and most recently Charterhouse Priory.

We are delighted to be joined very recently by another soprano Jane Pudsey and look forward to continuing to make great music and to bring religious and secular music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods to music lovers in Coventry and further afield. We hope soon to record some songs and do some photoshoots, and of course we will continue performing in folk clubs, pubs and open mics, festivals, historic venues and open days.

To see our upcoming concert and gig dates have a look at our Facebook page and please like or follow us if you enjoy what we do.

If you are based in the Coventry area (or Worcestershire for Abberley) and would like to apply to join the Medieval Boyz, why not get in touch with us ( and arrange an audition? Here are the kind of qualities we would look for:

Current Med Boyz rep

Agincourt Carol

Crist and Sainte Marie

Cunctipotens Genitor

Domino Fidelium

Dulcis Amica

Dulcis Amica in E

The Silver Swan

New Oysters

Now is the Month of Maying

Nunc Dimittis

O Felix Anima

Oken Leaves

Pastime With Good Company

Quel Fronte Signorille

Quene Note (instrumental)

Sed Siabolus in Em

Sed Siabolus in Gm

Va-t-ent Souspier



Novo Profusi Gaudio

Nowell Sing We

Ce Jour de l'An (full score) (New Year)

Ce Jour de l'An (voices only)